Oh Happy Day!

I bought a domain name!

I’m up past 10 p.m. writing! And searching for domain names! This is quite an endeavor.

My body is tired – it’s telling me to go to bed. Actually, the voice came from my husband – I’ve already received about 8 text messages from him, all with the same GO TO BED, GO TO BED message, but I’m so excited I can’t. Why? Because I’ve bought a domain name and I’m going to dedicate this upcoming season (and year) to doing two things I really like doing – taking pictures and writing. I can’t say I’m an expert at either, but one thing I am sure about is that I really, really really like my kids. And that’s why I’ve dedicated the title of this ‘online journal’ (I hate the word “blog” it sounds too much like “blob”) to them.

More about them later. Now, I’m off to bed. HOORAY HOORAY!!!!

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