Hi my name is…

This is Lily. She likes to remind people that she’s three.



Technically, she’s 3 1/2…but who’s counting?

Some days she’s full of attitude, other days she’s full of cuteness.  

Some memorable words that have come out of her mouth includes:

How she describes her brother James:

“He’s so cute!”

“His peepee kinda look like a macaroni”

How I describe James:

“He’s big and he likes to eat and smile a lot.”

I’m not sure if she got her sense of humor from me or from her dad…perhaps it’s a combination of the two of us. Once in awhile, she’ll pinch the sides of her stomach and say, “Look at my boobs!” then giggles like a crazy person.Or she’ll flop her arms back and forth and say, “I got octopus arms!” Whenever she wants to be cute, she’ll say “Mom, you know what?” To which I’d respond, “What?”

“I love you and then you love me?”

“Aww, of course I love you.” And the trend continues…

If you make her walk more than 2 blocks, she’ll start whining and say, “I don’t wanna walk! Carry me!” If I carry her, then she’ll lean in and kiss my cheek. Ha ha. What a suck up.

One of her favorite activities is going to the park. The last time we went there, she met a little girl about her age and her mom. They both played together…and using her people skills, Lily proceeded to tell the mom about her brother’s birth story. It was something like this:

LILY: I have a baby.

OTHER MOM: You have a baby?

LILY: Yeah, he came out of mommy’s peepee. Then daddy came.

OTHER MOM: Ohhh….[I can tell she doesn’t know how to respond to this].

LILY: Because I’m a big sister!


She considers her daddy a princess sometimes. Once, she jumped on her bed and declared, “I’m King Lily!” Her dad says, “Then what am I?” She said, “You’re a princess.” Finally, her potty skills are really similar to a 25-year-old dude still living with his parents. Take, for example:

She sits down on her kiddie toilet, and I asked her, “Do you have to go pee or poo?”

She responds by holding up two fingers.

The result: she peed.

Or that one time I came into her room and catch her in the act – holding her iPad while sitting on the toilet. She said, “I’m going potty with my iPad” so swiftly like it’s a new fashion trend.

I love this kid.

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