What everyone’s doing at the playground: A parent’s perspective

If you're like me (a parent) you know that the one place you should be familiar with is the park/playground. Gone are the days of $40 entrees at upscale restaurants and $5 cocktails at happy hour - you've traded that life for a new lifestyle, the one that involves free play, activities, clear blue skies… Continue reading What everyone’s doing at the playground: A parent’s perspective

I’m glad we went

GREETINGS from the land of hibernation (it's been awhile), where I report to you my biggest status update yet: We went to Disneyland! with two kids![pant. pant. breathe. deep breaths.]What words can I say to describe our trip?Scary. Tearful. Anxious. Excited. Memorable. And I've got the Mickey Mouse ears to prove it.Yes, it was nerve-wracking,… Continue reading I’m glad we went