A Heck of a Year

This past year I’ve had the pleasure of being this little guy’s mom. I’m not going to deny that there were some hard moments. There always is, when you’re a parent. If I can sum up the first year of this guy’s life, I’d say it was eventful, crazy and wonderful, all rolled up in a giant ball of fuzzy yarn.

I was tempted to say something really cliche here, then I caught myself. Many parents, after the first year, laments on how fast that first year went by with a baby. Sure, it goes by fast, and sure – you didn’t get enough sleep at certain points, and sure – you don’t care because you’re in some kind of hellish parenting high that only babies can provide. *Babies are better than drugs!* But all cliches aside, I am going to say that I am NOT one of those moms who goes into a denial about how she wants her baby to stay small forever and quit growing up so fast…because, honestly, I CAN’T WAIT for my boy grow up!! I really can’t!! I tell him all the time – grow up already!** You’re too heavy!* Mama needs a break from carrying your chunky butt…

…but my, what a beautiful butt it is. It’s so round and smooth, just like the rest of his body, basically what you’d expect in a baby’s butt.

He’s going to hate me for talking about his ass (or skin, for that matter) in the future, so I’m going to stop right here.

For viewing pleasure, please sit down and get a hold of yourself, because this boy is about to blow the CUTE ROCKET out the window and far, far into the air!!


*James is currently registering at 30 lbs. Let’s hope he doesn’t grow into 40 lbs before his second birthday.
**I also can’t wait for him to start walking and talking, because I’m curious as to what he has to say and so forth.
***I SERIOUSLY struggled with selecting 10 photos or less of this day. It was hard, but I did it. Aren’t you proud of me? ๐Ÿ™‚

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