Madison High School

Last weekend, I stepped out into the cold and took some photos of my alma mater before they tear it down in March for a major renovation project. This is a big project that ironically the company that I currently work for is working on, and it's going to change many lives. So I wanted… Continue reading Madison High School

Weekend in review: January 19-20

Last weekend was full of rain, indoor play, gluten, and more gluten! In case you're wondering--yes, there was a lot of baking! Prepping croissant rolls. It was my second time making them EVER. Waiting... And they turned out great!! Pretty proud of myself James's room Morning coffee The living room, before the kids came out… Continue reading Weekend in review: January 19-20

Weekend in review: January 12-13

Last weekend, as told through photos. My little kitchen helper My first time making cream biscuits -- it was a success! Did I mention it had cheese inside? Cheesy biscuits - yes please!! Thumbs up! James James close up Lily loves to draw Showing me her drawing My kitchen This is the face of a… Continue reading Weekend in review: January 12-13

2019–more baking and more stories

At my work, they have this thing called The Potty Press--which, you guessed it--resides on the door inside each of the stalls in the bathrooms. The idea is that instead of sitting on the toilet with your phone (which is a terrible idea, by the way, and one flaw that I have yet to erase… Continue reading 2019–more baking and more stories