Snow day 2019

Well, snow came and gone this weekend. Like a woman in labor, it began its descent in the early hours of Saturday morning, when we were all asleep, and we woke up to almost a feet of snow. So, what’s a mom to do but take her kids outside for fun in the snow?

Unfortunately, these two were the grumpiest Grinches you can possibly imagine. Not even five minutes in, they both started their whining. Lily began squealing at the top of her lungs (no doubt to get my attention) while James placed his feet firmly on the ground and refused to move. I managed to get the two of them into a toboggan and pulled them up and down a small hill, and snapped a few (grumpy-looking) photos on my phone.

We lasted almost an hour outside. Once inside, they played together and left me alone for almost an hour…which is ironic. Somehow they had a better time playing inside than outside. Oh well. I took advantage of the time and made bagels. My first time ever making bagels. I’m trying out new baking recipes this year–so far, this one I’m the most proud of. Personally, I love bagels and can eat them just about every day, so the thought of being able to make them (despite forgetting one ingredient, it still turned out good), and how simple it was, in terms of ingredients and technique made me excited. I will definitely do more bagel-making and experiment with a variety of flavors in the future.


On a cold, snowy day what’s a girl to do but bake?

As the snow melted away by the sun this afternoon, I think about how glad I am that it’s over. Despite being in a dreary, cold and often wet part of the country, one of the good things about living in the Pacific Northwest is that we don’t get many days of snow. While the rest of the country is usually blasted with winds, snowstorms, and all kinds of extreme weather, we are sitting here with one day of snow, sometimes up to four, followed by some ice, and that’s it for the winter season. I hope this is it.











Lily and I watched The Grinch while James took a nap




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