Hi, my name is Hoang and I’m the author of this blog. And I don’t do nails. *that’s another post altogether*

I’m an accountant by day and by night…I write. Blah blah blah. Sort of. I write when I can, and that usually involves me not being tired from the day – from my kids, from work, etc.

Speaking of kids – I have two amazing ones, ages 13 months and 4 years. I’ve been (happily) married for almost a decade. 10 years!!! We’ve gone through a lot together, and I’m thankful every day that I get to be married to him. I also have a cat, but she’s kind of a bitch. Also, I live with my mother, and she fits in the same category as the cat.  And I no longer with with my mother.

Ha ha. Just kidding. (Not really).

Just because I named by blog after my kids doesn’t mean that is all I talk about. This blog is more than that. I write about whatever I’m passionate about  – but I try to stay away from politics, because frankly, I have no interest whatsoever in it (one way to put me to sleep the fastest is to talk about politics), plus it’s just BORING. 

In another life, I could see myself doing stand-up comedy or something, or writing a book. Maybe that’s what I’m trying to accomplish here. To be funny and to write. To make people laugh. It’s a skill that I’m only partially good at.

Thanks for stopping by – I really appreciate it. Oh, and if I start to ramble in my posts, can you do me a favor and just SHUT DOWN YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN IMMEDIATELY?  Thank you.