I’m Hoang. I’m a writer, a mom, an avid reader, an expert coffee drinker and an early riser. Here’s a few other things about me:

  1. I’m a self-proclaimed introvert. Not ashamed of it.
  2. I like to bake and are working on improving my baking skills this year.
  3. I also like to be out in nature, but sadly I don’t do enough of it nowadays.
  4. Did I say I like to read? No, I love to read, read, read! And also write, write, write! (Writing is therapy to me). So, I decided to dedicate this web site to writing about things that I read, be it books, magazines, or articles.

The majority of things I read is about parenting, with a sprinkle of self-help in there, but that’s only a part of my identity. I read other stuff too, so you’ll find a variety of topics. Mainly, I write about money, culture, work and families.

You’re cool if you landed on this page. I hope that I can connect with you someday, if we haven’t already.

Till next time,