Hi, my name is Hoang and I’m the author behind this blog.

I may be terrible at keeping plants alive, but I am pretty good at writing…or so I think. Here’s some random facts about me:

  • My writing style is what one might call “bipolar.” Sometimes the voice is satirical, other times it’s dead serious.
  • I consider myself an introvert. I hate small talk, would prefer to have long intentional conversations with someone instead.
  • Because of introverted status, that’s why I write…because I’m awkward in real life, so I’d prefer to hide behind the wall called “Internet” and write my heart out.
  • I am a big fan of the New Yorker, and my dream is that someday they will invite me to write an article for them; hence, that is also another reason why I write.

Please feel free to email me at hoangsamuelson2@gmail.com if you’d like to get in touch! I’m happy to contribute to your site as well.